Month: March 2018

It Hurts! ~ Poetry

I saw it coming But still it hurts I knew you would disappear someday But still it hurts I knew the time we were in was not gonna pause But still it hurts I knew there was nothing called forever But still it hurts I knew all the […]

As I turn 28 !

So, on 9th of March 1990, a cute,little baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs.Roy in burdwan. Hence on 9th march 2018 (easy calculation though 😉 ),she turned 28. Yes,that cute, innocent, studious is now grown up to be a psycho writer and a bird freak. Well […]

The Void ~ Poetry

“THE VOID” I wish I could fill the void inside me I wish I could erase the emptiness I wish I could just take a leap And jump to the year I had been dreaming asleep I wish I could explain how difficult it is To live in […]